Saturday, August 8, 2009

Patience is a virtue

I have made some progress on my NAC platoon. I have almost all of of my miniatures conversions done. Most of the conversions were simple headswaps, these were pretty straight forward. Some of the conversions consisted of sculpting new details out of Green Stuff. Let it be known now, I am not very good at sculpting. I do not have the artistic skill required for it. I do think overall the few things I did with the putty came out pretty well if I do say so my self. I am pleased with the results.

One tip I can share about sculpting, know when to quit. There were several times when instead of stepping away and letting what work I had done dry, I kept going and ended up messing up the whole conversion. Do not be afraid of working in layers, Sculpt a layer of detail let it dry and add some more until your done. Hopefully that makes sense?

I will post pictures of these converted figures in the next few days. My wife left our digital camera at work. When she she brings it back on Monday I will post some pics.

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