Monday, August 24, 2009

2 and 3 section at last

Well after several delays and a busted USB key, here are the last of my conversions. There are not many conversions in each section so I am posting them together.

2 section group shot

Section leader

This is one of my favorite conversions. This pose is kinda limited in what you can do with it so I sculpted him as giving the freeze hand signal ( or the solidarity fist raise, your choice) The hand may be a little large but I think it will look fine when I paint him.

Designated Marksman

Pretty much the same here as the DM in 1 section. I cut down the barrel of the gun also so it is not so blocky.

SAW Gunner

A simple head swap


Another head swap. I am going to go back and rework this one a little bit so he does not have such an Olmec look about him. You get the general idea of what the finished figure will be though.

3 section

Section leader

This is my favorite sculpt. I really like how she came out. The photo does not do her justice. I wish GZG would have had a few more female trooper sculpts in 15mm.

Designated Marksman

The last of the DM sculpts. I added the scope and reworked the front end of the gun.

That's it for the conversions. So what is next? I need to finish clean up on the figures removing mold lines and such. I will do that tomorrow. Mounting the figures to bases and priming follow that. I will post and update this weekend with all of that. Hopefully since I am off work tomorrow I can get a figure test painted also.

As a final note. I realize that in reality soldiers do not tend to go into battle without helmets. I like the beret wearing and bare headed figures though as it breaks up the monotony of the army. This is a game after all. Have fun, see you all soon.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


I knocked off my laptop with my USB key plugged in that held the photos of 2 and 3 section. Needless to say that USB key is no more. I will retake the pictures tonight and post them tomorrow.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Better late than never

Well I am a day late in getting these up but here are the pictures of 1 section. I only converted a few figures in this group so this will be a short post. I did not ink wash these before hand, that was a bad mistake. It looks like the bare metal combined with my cameras flash washed out a lot of the details. I have ink washed my other two sections so this should not be an issue when I post them later this weekend.

The group shot

Designated Marksman

I created a scope for this troopers rifle. I had read an article about how future scope designs may not have traditional lenses but instead would use digital zooms like camera displays do now Doing this would make the scope smaller and lighter. I think this is an interesting idea, so I copied it in miniature. The shape was inspired by the EOTech weapon sights.

SAW gunner

A simple head swap here. This picture makes the figure look like it does not have a neck. The real miniature when not zoomed in on 400% looks perfectly normal. I think if I would have inked this figure first it would not look so rough.

Section 2i/c

This is another figure that the camera made look absolutely terrible. I think this is going to be my test paint job figure just to prove the point that this miniature does not look as bad as the photo make it appear to be.

That is it for this group. The rest of the figures in the section are straight from the package. I will post 2 section and 3 section later this weekend. See you all here again soon.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Picture time

As promised here are the first of the pictures of the conversions I did to my Ground Zero Games NAC infantry. I can't stand to have too many duplicates in an army especially amongst the figures that represent the leaders. These conversions were mostly accomplished with head swaps. The other changes were basically sculpting to fill gaps in the NAC miniature line. This first group of pictures is of the platoon HQ only. I will probably post pics of one section a night for the next few nights after this. In the pictures below the original miniature is on the left and the converted one on the right unless otherwise noted.

First up is a shot of all of my HQ figures

Platoon leader

I swapped heads with a figure from pack SG15-A2 NAC Royal Marines - berets etc. I then sculpted on glasses and a headset so that this figure would fit in with the style of the of the other miniatures I am using. Finally I carefully bent the arm up and repositioned the hand. I envision him giving the rally on me command in this pose.

Signaller/Electronic warfare trooper

I sculpted on some details and an aerial on to the helmet to make it look more like communication equipment. I then sculpted on a new back pack and made an antenna to represent the signaller's secondary role as an electronic warfare specialist.

Plasma gunner

This is one of the older NAC SAW gunners from pack SG15-A2. Since he is chunkier and has a larger weapon than the new style SAW gunners, I decided to make him into a plasma gunner since GZG does not currently make a miniature armed this way in 15mm. I added green stuff to the barrel of the SAW to change its shape. I then sculpted a power supply for the gun onto the figures back.

Assistant plasma gunner

This is another one of the older GZG 15mm sculpts. This series of miniatures had rifle barrels that were rather blocky. On the unconverted figure you may be able to tell that I have started cutting down the barrel to make it match the newer figures. On the converted soldier you can see the finished result.

Light RAM mortar operator

This a straight forward head swap so the figure would match up to the rest of the platoon.

Naval fire observer radio operator

Here is one half of my naval fire observer team. I added a communications helmet to him like I did on the signaller. I also threw together a ground based laser signal transmitter antenna from a bead, green stuff, and brass wire. Once I base the figure I will sculpt a cable connecting the antenna to the computer unit the miniature is using. I figure this figure is using the laser antenna for direct line of site contact with and orbiting ship for fire support.

That's pretty much it. The other two miniatures, the platoon sergeant and the naval fire observer officer are unmodified figures. I did not think there was much reason to photograph them. Up next is will be 1 section. I will get them photographed tonight and will hopefully have pictures up tomorrow evening.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I'm a slacker.

It has been a busy week. I still have not taken pictures yet as I have been trying to finish up my last few conversions. I promise I will have pictures this week.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Patience is a virtue

I have made some progress on my NAC platoon. I have almost all of of my miniatures conversions done. Most of the conversions were simple headswaps, these were pretty straight forward. Some of the conversions consisted of sculpting new details out of Green Stuff. Let it be known now, I am not very good at sculpting. I do not have the artistic skill required for it. I do think overall the few things I did with the putty came out pretty well if I do say so my self. I am pleased with the results.

One tip I can share about sculpting, know when to quit. There were several times when instead of stepping away and letting what work I had done dry, I kept going and ended up messing up the whole conversion. Do not be afraid of working in layers, Sculpt a layer of detail let it dry and add some more until your done. Hopefully that makes sense?

I will post pictures of these converted figures in the next few days. My wife left our digital camera at work. When she she brings it back on Monday I will post some pics.