Monday, August 24, 2009

2 and 3 section at last

Well after several delays and a busted USB key, here are the last of my conversions. There are not many conversions in each section so I am posting them together.

2 section group shot

Section leader

This is one of my favorite conversions. This pose is kinda limited in what you can do with it so I sculpted him as giving the freeze hand signal ( or the solidarity fist raise, your choice) The hand may be a little large but I think it will look fine when I paint him.

Designated Marksman

Pretty much the same here as the DM in 1 section. I cut down the barrel of the gun also so it is not so blocky.

SAW Gunner

A simple head swap


Another head swap. I am going to go back and rework this one a little bit so he does not have such an Olmec look about him. You get the general idea of what the finished figure will be though.

3 section

Section leader

This is my favorite sculpt. I really like how she came out. The photo does not do her justice. I wish GZG would have had a few more female trooper sculpts in 15mm.

Designated Marksman

The last of the DM sculpts. I added the scope and reworked the front end of the gun.

That's it for the conversions. So what is next? I need to finish clean up on the figures removing mold lines and such. I will do that tomorrow. Mounting the figures to bases and priming follow that. I will post and update this weekend with all of that. Hopefully since I am off work tomorrow I can get a figure test painted also.

As a final note. I realize that in reality soldiers do not tend to go into battle without helmets. I like the beret wearing and bare headed figures though as it breaks up the monotony of the army. This is a game after all. Have fun, see you all soon.


  1. That's a nice set of consistent conversions. I'm looking forward to seeing these guys painted.

  2. When is it painting time?

    I placed my GZG order today