Friday, August 21, 2009

Better late than never

Well I am a day late in getting these up but here are the pictures of 1 section. I only converted a few figures in this group so this will be a short post. I did not ink wash these before hand, that was a bad mistake. It looks like the bare metal combined with my cameras flash washed out a lot of the details. I have ink washed my other two sections so this should not be an issue when I post them later this weekend.

The group shot

Designated Marksman

I created a scope for this troopers rifle. I had read an article about how future scope designs may not have traditional lenses but instead would use digital zooms like camera displays do now Doing this would make the scope smaller and lighter. I think this is an interesting idea, so I copied it in miniature. The shape was inspired by the EOTech weapon sights.

SAW gunner

A simple head swap here. This picture makes the figure look like it does not have a neck. The real miniature when not zoomed in on 400% looks perfectly normal. I think if I would have inked this figure first it would not look so rough.

Section 2i/c

This is another figure that the camera made look absolutely terrible. I think this is going to be my test paint job figure just to prove the point that this miniature does not look as bad as the photo make it appear to be.

That is it for this group. The rest of the figures in the section are straight from the package. I will post 2 section and 3 section later this weekend. See you all here again soon.

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  1. Good call on the EOTech style scope. I think it suits the figure very well.