Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Plan

I'm back. So continuing from last week, here is my plan for my first miniatures project on this blog. I have decided to go with Ground Zero Games 15mm New Anglian Confederation miniatures. Jon at GZG has really expanded this line and the new figures he has come out with are excellent. If you have no clue what I am talking about you can find the miniatures I am referencing here in the 15mm section. You can download the Stargrunt II rules and all of the other GZG games for free from here.

So I am starting with a platoon of mechanized infantry. My organization is based off of modern British army platoon structure. My background is going to be a modified version of SGII's background set about 170 or so years in the future. So with out further ado here is the basic structure:

Two Platoon A Company 1 Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment

Platoon HQ: Call Sign A20

Command Group A20
Platoon Commander
Signaller/Electronic Warfare Specialist

Admin Group Call Sign A20A
Platoon Sergeant
Light Plasma Weapon Gunner
Asst. Gunner
light Rocket Assisted Mortar Gunner

3 Infantry sections Call Signs are A21 -A23. Each section is structured as follows:

Fire Team Charlie Call sign A2#C
Section Leader
SAW Gunner
Fire Team Delta Call Sign A2#D
Section 2 i/c
Rifleman/Arrow Guided Missile system operator
SAW Gunner

Finally, we have the platoon transport. I am pretty certain I am going to use 4 of GZG's V15-50A, 8-wheel APC with remote autocannon mount which is on this page. In my fantasy world I have named these the Templar Multi-Role Armoured Vehicle. Each Templar can carry 8 infantry plus 2 crew. The call signs are A20B-A23B. The platoon HQ command group and fire team A22D ride in Templar A20B, section A21 rides in Templar A21B, the platoon HQ admin group and fire team A22C are assigned to Templar A22B, and finally section A23 rides into battle on Templar A23B. Templar A20B has room left over in it for 2 more infantry. I plan on these seats going to company level attachments to the platoon such as sniper teams and forward observers. The attachments I will work on at a later date.

So for this project I have 30 infantry to paint up plus 8 dismounted crew figures and 4 Templars. I have all of the infantry purchased. I still need to order the Templars and the crew figures. My next post will be about the infantry miniatures and some of the conversions I am doing to them. See ya'll soon. This should be fun.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A reason for being

Well after thinking about it for a bit, one of the the things I am going to talk about here is the progress of my Historical and Sci-fi miniatures gaming armies. I have had an interest in miniatures gaming for a long time but painting ADD and a lack of local gamers has kept me from getting much done. I am thinking that if I post about my progress for all of the world to see, it will motivate me to get something done and on the gaming table. Let's hope that my logic is sound.

My first project to post about will be a Sci-fi mechanized infantry platoon to use with Stargrunt II, a set of rules produced by Ground Zero Games.

I am still in the planning stages of this project for the moment. I figure over the weekend I will finish up my rough draft of what I am going to do and post it here. So see ya in a few. In the mean time there is this:

Monday, July 13, 2009

1st Post

Well I am not sure what all I am going to put here yet but we will see over the next few days. In the mean time enjoy this: