Monday, September 7, 2009

Test Miniature

Finally I am feeling like normal human again after being sick for the past week. Here we have after a long delay the pictures of the paint scheme I am going to use on my NAC platoon. This is the orbital artillery observer from my platoon HQ. The paint scheme is a fairly simple one Vallejo Iraqi Sand for the uniforms and Testors Model master Israeli armor sand for the armor. I was going to use a camoflauge scheme on the uniform but I thought honestly it looks better with out one and it will be a lot quicker to paint each miniature by not adding another painting step to each figure. so without further ado here are the pictures.

So I had just finished applying a layer of Testor's dullcote to to seal this miniature. A friend of mine who plays Warhammer 40k has just come over to hang out for a bit he sees this completed miniature and exclaims "Hey its a 15mm imperial guard figure." I don't play 40K (I do own some Orks you can see a box of them under this figure) so the paint scheme similarity was unintentional but I am sure the comparisons will be made. I like the colors though and I think it works well on these miniatures.


  1. Great paint job. Very realistic. Love the choice of colors and the finish.


  2. Really nice colour scheme there! Its going to look great with a whole platoon of them!

  3. Great choice of colours. I greatly prefer a matt, neutral, gritty, 'realistic' look for military miniatures and this guys hits that nail square on. I think a platoon of these guys will look the business.

  4. Very nice. Well done that man!


  5. Wow! I wish I'd seen this before I painted my platoon. I might have stolen this idea.